' Feed the hungry, attend to the sick, and set free the captives '
[ Muhammad (pbuh): Sahih al-Bukhari 5649 ]

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For busy people just wanting a flavour of this website, this page contains very brief but to the point information on:
(1) One & True God - (2) Jesus in Islam

[1] The Only One & True God


'In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful' (Quran 1:1)

It's All in the Name - Allah means 'One God' without Gender.
Who is your God? Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Sai Baba or some other Man or Woman? What does their name mean? Is your God the creator or is it a creation? Did they look, eat, sleep & die like Humans? Only a Creator can be God; Why worship people or objects that were themselves created?


'All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Aalameen [Universes]' (1:2)
Allah is God of everything! Science is now confirming parallel multiple universes. Thomas Young's double slit light experiment produces a gravity band, confirming existence of 7-heavens arranged in layers like an onion, our universe being innermost.
Please Google 'parallel universes' for more proof.

Why Allah
is God?

'Say, God Allah is One; The Absolute; He beget not, nor was He begotten [borne]; And there is none like unto Him'. (112)

This is the ultimate test for any Creator. Does your God pass this test?


'We created you out of clay, then a sperm, then a leech-like clot, then a lump of flesh partly formed & partly unformed, in order We may manifest [our power] to you; We cause whom We will to rest in wombs for a term, then bring you out as babies, then foster you so you may reach age of strength; some we call to die; some are given decrepit old age when you forget everything [dementia] after knowing much' (22:5)


'I [Allah] have not created Jinns [invisible beings] and Mankind
to any end except they worship Me alone'. (Quran 51:56)


' They have taken their Scholars & Monks [Gurus] & Christ, Son of Mary, for their Lords beside Allah; they had been commanded to worship none but the One God Allah, there is no God except Him :
Exalted is He from what they ascribe as a share in His divinity! ' (9:31)

' Do not worship besides Allah that which neither benefits nor harms you [statues, images etc.]; for if you did, you will be of the evildoers ' (10:106)

' let not this world delude you & Satan the great deceiver deceive you ' 31:33

& life
after death?

'Wherever you are, death will find you out [at the appointed time] , even if you are in towers built up strong and high! ' (4:78) - no escape !

'He [Allah] sends down rain from the sky in due measure; We raise to life therewith a land that is dead; thus, will you be brought forth' (43:11)

is it important
to believe?

'parable of paradise which God-fearing [believers] are promised wherein are rivers; of clear water, of milk the taste of which of never alters, of wine delicious to drink, of pure honey & enjoyment of fruits & forgiveness from their Lord. Can believers be compared to unbelievers who abide eternally in hell & are given scalding hot water to drink that tears their guts?' 47:15

OMG is Allah!

' If misfortune touches man he cries unto Us, while on his side, or sitting or standing, but when We have relieved him of the misfortune, he goes on his way as if he never called Us to save him! ' (10:12)

Any faith to paradise?

'Whoever desires a religion other than Islam, it will not be
accepted of him; in the hereafter he will be of the [BIG] Losers'. (3:85)

Can we

'Vision encompasses Him not, whereas He encompasses all vision: for He is Unfathomable, the all Aware' (Quran 6:103)

Even Moses couldn't see God; Our trial is to worship Allah unseen; that's faith.

We must see(perceive) God with reasoning – ie. with the eye in our brain

Did Jesus
his will to

'And [said Jesus]: " truly, Allah is my Sustainer & your Sustainer;
so worship Him[alone]: This is the straight way"
' (Quran 19:36)

"For I [Jesus] have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him[God] who has sent Me" (Bible, John 5:38)

Was Jesus God
son of God?

How was Jesus really created?

What Jesus said about Muhammad

Neither. Jesus was a Creation, a Human, a Messenger of Allah; he was a Muslim because he submitted to the will of Allah. Jesus was created without a Father, just as God created Eve from Adam's left rib without a Mother; and Adam from clay, without a Mother or a Father!

The Messiah, son of Mary was a Messenger, other Messengers have passed on before him & his mother was a supporter of truth. They both used to eat [Allah's] food. Look how we make clear to them our signs; then look how they are deluded”. (5:75)

'in Allah's sight, the example of Jesus is as that of Adam, whom He created out of dust and then said unto him, "Be", and he was.' - 3:59

indecisions consequence
 make >
an informed
choice !

'We have shown man the straight way; be he grateful or ungrateful' 76:3

'Quran is a reminder; so he who wills, may take to his lord a way' 76:29

'Did We not create man from a sperm? Lo! he thinks himself equal !!' 36:77

'Does Man think he can to do as he wills without accountability?' 75:36

No bearer of burdens shall bear another's burden” 53:38

'Have you considered one who makes his own desires, his deity(God)! So, Why would you [Muhammad/Anyone-else] be held responsible?' 25:43

How do I
know Quran
is right?

'Will they not Reflect on this Quran? Had it been from any but Allah, they would have found in it many contradictions' 4:82

'Absolutely! We have revealed this Reminder(Quran). Absolutely! We will guard it' 15:9

Next >
when to be a Muslim?

Right Now! As soon as you feel inclining to Allah, accept Islam & reserve your place in paradise; do not delay, openly recite & declare:

I testify that there is no God execpt Allah, and that Muhammad is the Servant & Final Messenger of Allah

[2] Jesus in Islam

Jesus & immaculate conception? What's his NAN got to do with it?

Jesus's Nan, while pregnant, had prayed to Allah offering the child she was carrying to be a prophet for the service of Allah. This is what she pleaded & what she received:

'When a woman of [House of] Imran [Joachim; Jesus's grand-father] prayed: "O my Sustainer! Unto Thee do I vow [the child] that is in my womb, to be devoted to Thy service. Accept it, from me: verily, Thou art all-hearing, all-knowing!". But when she had given birth, she said: "O my Sustainer! Behold, I have given birth to a female" - the while God had been fully aware of what she would give birth to, and that no male child [she hoped for] could ever have been like this female - and “I have named her Mary. I seek Thy protection for her & her offspring against Satan, the accursed”.' 3:35-36

Jesus's Nan's wish was NOT Directly granted. But Allah did grant her plea through her female child, Mary. God willed Jesus to be only borne without a Father & from a Virgin Mother; so, Jesus's Mother could not be his Nan who was obviously married! So, Allah gave Jesus to Virgin Mary, who was in a way a carbon copy of Jesus's Nan i.e. her own mother; Thus, Mary's birth of Jesus without a Male donor was like Jesus's Nan giving birth to Jesus! Allah accomplish what He wills. He rejects not, the prayers of the righteous.

How did Mary 'really' conceive Jesus?

'Lo! Angel said: “O Mary! Behold, Allah sends thee glad tiding, through a word from Him, [of a son] who will be known as Christ Jesus, son of Mary, of honour in this world and in the life to come; and be of those who are drawn near to God.” ' (3:45)

'Said she [Mary] : "O my Sustainer! How can I have a son when no man has ever touched me?" [The angel] answered: "Thus it is; God creates what He wills.
When He wills a thing to be, He but says unto it, 'Be' - and it is.” ' (Quran 3:47)

'Son of (Virgin) Mary' is main REASON why Jesus is so misunderstood, else he'd be treated like other prophets. Miracles were performed by power of Allah, and not by any power of Jesus; and only as signs to prove Jesus had truth from God; they were not for practicing medicine or raising the dead to cure death itself – those who were raised are now long dead. After birth of Jesus, Mary actually got married to Joseph & had many more children. Other miracles include: parting of the sea; Quran, a perfect truth from God – please read it.

' Allah will impart unto thy son [Jesus] revelation & wisdom; the Torah & Gospel ' -   'And [make him] an apostle unto children of Israel. [Jesus will say] " I have come unto you with a message from your Sustainer. I shall create for you from clay, shape of [your] destiny and breath into it, so it becomes [your] destiny by Allah's leave “; and “ heal the blind & the leper, and bring the dead back to life by Allah's leave ”; and “ Let you know what you eat & store in your houses.
In this is a sign, if you are truly believers”. ' 3 : 48-49

What is Trinity? Most Evil to imply God had intercourse! A lower animal function.

Indeed Allah does not forgive that anything should be associated with him and forgives besides that to whomsoever He pleases; whoever associates anything with Allah, he undoubtedly fabricates, a great [humongous] sin.” (Quran 4:48)

' Truth they deny who say, "God is the Messiah, son of Mary" - seeing Christ himself said, "O children of Israel! Worship Allah [alone], who is my Sustainer and your Sustainer." Behold, whoever associates partners with Allah, Allah has forbidden him Paradise; his refuge is the fire:
there are no helpers for evildoers' (5:72) 

' They have disbelieved who say'God is the third of three '– There is NO God except Allah.
If they desist not, there will afflict the disbelievers a severe punishment'. 5:73

“ Exalted is lord's Majesty: No consort has He ever taken unto Himself, Nor a child ” 72:3

Was Jesus Crucified?

'We cursed them for saying. 'we have killed the messiah, Jesus son of Mary, the messenger of Allah' and they killed him not, nor did they crucify him; but another (body) was made to resemble him to them. Indeed, who differ over it are in doubt about it. They have no knowledge, except following of assumptions. They did not kill him for certain; rather,
Allah Raised him to Himself.

Allah the Exalted in Might & Wise' 4:157-158

Will Jesus defend Trinity & save you?

'And [beware] when Allah: will say, “O Jesus, son of Mary! did thou say unto men, worship me & my mother as deities beside Allah?" he will reply, " Limitless art Thou in Thy glory! It would not have been possible for me to say what I had no right to say. Had I said it, Thou would have known it! Thou knowest all that is within myself, but I know not what is in Thy Self. Verily, it is Thou alone who knowest all things that are beyond the reach of created being's.' - 5:116

" Nothing did I tell them beyond what Thou bid me to say: `Worship Allah, who is my sustainer and your sustainer'. And 'I bore witness to what they did as long as I lived them; but since Thou hast taken me up, Thou alone hast been their keeper: Thou art unto everything, a witness' ” 5:117

What does Jesus say about Muhammad(pbuh) In the Bible?

' Nevertheless, I tell you the truth; it is expedient for you that I go away: If I go not away, the Comforter** will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him unto you ' (Bible, John 16:7)

**Comforter is replacement for the original entry 'Ahmad' [praiseworthy Friend/Helper], this was changed soon after Islam was established. Ahmad is the birth name of Muhammad(pbuh).

Quran re-affirms:

' We sent you [ O' Muhammad ] not, but as a Mercy [ comfort & benefit ] for all creatures of the universes ' - (Quran 21:107)

It's not easy to give up your long established ways, to follow a whole different way !

BUT, if your way is wrong and a right way is available for the taking; then you have to change course, otherwise you will be lost and you will never ever make it to your proper destination.